Accelerometry algorithms

Are you looking for accelerometry algorithms for your product or project? Contact the team to discuss the possibilities. We have a broad range of physical activity monitoring algorithms for 3D accelerometer sensors available. The range of activity monitoring output parameters is extensive and includes the following algorithms:

  • Activity intensity
  • Activity classification (sitting, standing, lying, dynamic physical activity, low-moderate-high intensity physical activity)
  • Gait analysis (steps, postural sway, stride length, dynamic ratio, walking speed, step length, symmetry)
  • Sedentary bouts
  • Transfers – sit to stand and postural changes
  • Sleep-wake detection
  • Wear-non-wear detection
  • Energy expenditure
  • Fall detection
  • Non movement detection

All algorithms are based on 3D accelerometer sensor input. The accelerometer algorithms can be customised and finetuned for the specific measurement goal.

Integration of accelerometry algorithms in wearable sensor

If you want to integrate physical activity monitoring algorithms in your wearable product we can support you through the entire process. A typical accelerometer algorithm integration project can consist of the following phases:

Example project overview for embedding accelerometry algorithms in a wearable device


Example project overview for embedding accelerometer algorithms in a wearable device.

  1. Determination of activity monitoring use case. Feasibility study into the desired set of activity monitoring parameters. Performance specification of the accelerometry algorithms.
  2. Raw accelerometer data collection. Algorithm development or modification, performance testing in the lab.
  3. Embedding of accelerometer algorithms in bluetooth enabled field test prototypes. Field testing and remote data collection.
  4. Validation and performance testing of the customers product with embedded accelerometer algorithms.

Performance testing and scientific validation of the physical activity tracker is performed with our key partner Maastricht University.

Embedding activity monitoring algorithms in wireless sensor

Researchers and developers that want to embed their own accelerometry algorithms in a wireless sensor for field tests can use modified versions of our eHealth activity monitoring sensor. We can support these R&D projects by embedding the customers activity monitoring algorithms in the wearable sensor so it becomes suitable for field studies and clinical trials. The activity monitors are medical certified and waterproof, which enables for optimal safety and compliance in the field tests. Custom activity monitor data collection apps can be supplied with the sensors, as well as a database for collecting the activity monitor data sets.